‘Cheat’ Choc Chip Cookies

These are by far the nicest and easiest Choc Chip Cookies ever! And the reason is because they’re SO easy to make.

With a toddler running around and keeping me busy all day, I quickly opt for the easier and simpler recipes and I stay clear of those with ingredients that I haven’t even heard of let alone struggle to pronounce.

For a whole R36.95 these cookies are a must! The recipe is on the side of the box and all you have to do is add an egg and butter.The flour, choc chips and sugar are all separated and individually packaged for your pleasure. Simple, right! The quantity of biscuits you get will depend on how big you make them. Well done, Woolworths!


If you would like to get creative, to add some extra flavour, I added two large chunky tablespoons of peanut butter. You can play around with any peanut butter brand or flavour. I have used both plain peanut butter and a crunchy caramel flavour – both were delicious! My husband finished them within two days!











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