New Mommies Love Guide

New Mommies Love Guide ️

There’s nothing like a friends love to encourage you in those first few days of Mommyhood, when you’re back at home with your new Loveling.. and reality hits! For some mommies its overwhelming and for others it’s absolute bliss. Some are struggling from sleep deprivation, while others are still on a high from all the excitement of welcoming a new Bub into the family. Either way, it’s a great time to spread some love on thick!

So I’ve drawn up a list of things and tips to do to encourage mommies during this precious time, to make her feel loved and special.

  1. Take her a ready made meal – a cooked chicken and some ready made cut veg will go down well.
  2. Freezer meals are also a winner – lasagna, chicken a la king, pasta dishes, frozen rice, ready made soup, spaghetti bolognaise, honey mustard chicken, etc. All of these are easy warm up meals that dad can do too.
  3. Fresh Fruit and Veg – this will be great especially if Mom hasn’t had some time to run to the shops which is highly likely and a perfect snack on the go.
  4. Milk – a must need item which will run out quickly with all those cups of coffees.
  5. Yoghurt  – a healthy breakfast and easy day time snack. 
  6. Treats – chocolates, pudding, jelly and custard (my latest craving) – no explanation needed here. Sugar always goes down well.
  7. Juice – ideal thirst quencher for a hot summers night.
  8. A treat for Mom – a magazine to relax and read in bed or some bubble bath – chances are she hasn’t thought of herself at all and just when she needs a nice relaxing hot bath she realizes that she’s run out of bubble bath. 
  9. Toiletries for baby: nappies, wet wipes, baby soap, etc. These can easily run out within the first few days if not stocked up on and who has time to go to the shops with a screaming newborn and an aching body.
  10. Medicinal needs -Gripe Water, Panado, etc. A lifesaver for a mom with a colicky baby or for those unexpected headaches. I would suggest calling first to find out if there are any specific requirements here.
  11. An hour of sanity or sleep goes a long way – offer to sit on the couch with Baba as mom goes to lie down or just to listen out for Baba as she sleeps. Chances are as a new mommy she won’t take it but at least offer. 
  12. An afternoon of bonding – If mommy has other lovelings, offer to take them out for some ice cream or playtime in the park so that mommy can spend some undivided time with her new Bub. 
  13. A family night – offer to spoil the new family (dad, mom and toddler) with a family date at home. Get pizza, juice, movies, popcorn, sweets for them. So that all they have to do is climb on to a comfy couch and chill. It goes a long way when you show love and care for her family as well.
  14. Your love, your encouragement, a word of kindness or prayer goes a long way. Not unwanted advice. Or unwanted managing of the situation. Just, ‘hey friend, you’re doing a great job, well done’ will suffice. 
  15. A hug! 

2-6 Proverbs 27_9

Much love,


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