Snowflake EasyMix Flapjack Mix

I’ve recently been on the hunt for affordable meal options for my family. We’re a family of three, for now – 1 week to go until we become 4 🙂 as exciting as that is, our grocery budget just does not seem to be cutting it these days. My 16month old has just started playschool, which means that I also need to pack an additional lunch for her everyday. And lunch snacks don’t come cheap. So I’ve had to get creative with my family dinner meals so that they can last us a meal or two, or lunch for the next day for Dad and Sophie. Mom, being me, just eats whatever is in the fridge.

So I was walking the isles of the grocery store and I stumbled upon the Snowflake EasyMix Flapjack Mix. The packet says it makes up to 32 regular flapjacks for a whopping R13.99. I thought well, why not give it a try. I’ve attempted to make a 3 ingredient banana flapjack mix before which didn’t work out too well, so I thought for R14, I cant go too wrong.

So, I picked up a pack and decided to spoil my family with some delicious bacon, banana, cream cheese and maple syrup flapjacks for supper. My husband could eat breakfast all day every day if he had a choice. So this was right up his alley.

I was pleasantly surprised with the flapjack mix. It was SO easy to make. NO flops. So you really don’t have to be a kitchen whizz to make these. It makes plenty of flapjacks. I ended up freezing two containers of leftover mixture for a rainy day. And they are delicious!

All you need are: 2 eggs, some oil and milk added to the packet mixture.

Butter for frying (so, not the healthiest of meals)

And then your toppings.

This is what I used as toppings for our flapjack supper stack:

Plain cream cheese


Fried banana


Topped off with some cheddar cheese

You can add some maple syrup if you want.

You can play around with hot/cold flapjacks served with creme fraiche, strawberries, cream, blueberries. It’s such a fun meal to play around with – savoury or sweet. Go wild! And perfect if you’re having a house full of guests and you’re unsure what to do for dessert. Its one of those, stack it yourself meals – so all you have to do is provide the ingredients. Another great breakfast idea is an english muffin vibe, instead using the flapjacks and not the muffin. There honestly is so much you can do with these. And kids love it too!


SNOWFLAKE EasyMix Flapjack Mix


Enjoy xx

Much love,




Disclaimer: Featured Image taken from Unsplash: Photography, curated. The world’s most beautiful, free photos brought to you by the most generous community of photographers.




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