A Sunday Afternoon Affair: A Simple Recipe

I love how food brings people together! Family lunches, braais, celebration dinners – it has this unique way of gathering people around a table to eat, chat, bond and really spend quality time together.

I’ve just had one of those Sundays with my family – the kids ran around outside playing with every toy in sight. The adults sipped on wine and beer and juice(for me) while catching up on news, – the men were braaing, the ladies in the kitchen making salad, the sun beaming outside and showing off its glorious rays – oh what a wonderful day!

On that note, I’d like to share my winning potato salad recipe. Potato salad seems to be a braai staple in South Africa and there are so may different recipes out there. So I thought I’d add one more to the list.



Potato Salad3
Simple Potato Salad Recipe


Simple Potato Salad Recipe:

The amount of ingredient depends on how many people you are cooking for. I made this for 7 adults and three kids. However, there was a variety of salads on the table.

20 mini potatoes boiled (I used mini potatoes – it’s just easier)

7 boiled Eggs

1 x pack of Bacon (cut into small pieces and then added to the egg and potatoes)

1 x cup Mayonnaise mixed with cream cheese (I used both plain cream cheese and sour cream and chives flavour – this made ALL the difference in the world to the salad. It didn’t have the eggy-mayo taste that some potato salads have)

Garlic and herb/Italian herb spices added to the mix (I didn’t have any fresh herbs so I just used my spices, obviously if you have fresh herbs, that would be great)

Topped off with feta

And we’re done! Simple and easy – no frills or fancies. The added cream cheese really made this salad a winner. I’m not a huge fan of egg and mayo – that combination can easily make me ill if overdone. So the cream cheese really adds some creamy rich flavour and takes away that eggy-mayo taste to the potatoes.

PS: next time I’d really like to add some small chunks of pineapple – so refreshing on a hot summers day.


Much love,










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