The first time my Paigey saw the inside of a hospital room, she had just been born. She was a tiny bundle of joy, weighing in at only 2,3kgs. The second time, was not such a celebratory occasion. She was only two weeks old and she had been admitted to hospital with a high temperature. She went home a day later. In the next few weeks, she struggled to gain weight and suffered daily from reflux, vomiting and severe pain caused by the acid in her stomach coming up her esophagus. Two months later we rushed her to the ER because she had been vomiting up all her feeds all day long until eventually, we were worried about dehydration. The Pead admitted her for the next three days. He then diagnosed her with a severe Cow’s Milk Allergy(CMA). She had already been put on an extremely hydrolyzed formula for babies with CMA. She then went on to the likes of Nexium, Infant Gaviscon, Motilium and Neocate (a hypoallergenic, amino-acid based formula for infants with multiple food protein intolerances) – all the medications for infants suffering from GERD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) and CMA.

Excessive daily crying, vomiting, weight loss, feeding issues were just a few of her symptoms. As a Mom, it’s frightful to see your child in so much pain. As a family, we struggled emotionally and financially with all the expenses of fancy formulas and medical bills.

When Paigey was three months old, we made another abrupt visit to the ER. She had been vomiting again. We were nervous that she would dehydrate. Thankfully, they sent us home that night assuring us that she was okay but insisting that we see the Pead asap. We went to him the very next morning and he admitted Paigey into hospital again for the next two days.

While I know that some parents go through situations much worse than ours, there was only so much I could handle. And this was it. I was done. I couldn’t handle the screaming anymore; I couldn’t handle seeing my poor baby girl in so much pain anymore. I couldn’t handle another hospital visit. The next step was to put a scope down her throat or start tube feeding. Neither of these options was a road I wanted to walk down. So I was desperate. Desperate for a miracle. Desperate to see God heal my baby.

A few weeks later, at one of our church events, we had the privilege of having one of the couples we hosted pray for our Paigey. Chris and I then stood in faith, took the step, got out of the boat and in the following weeks made the decision to take Paigey off all of her medication trusting that God had healed her through our prayers. No Nexium, no Gaviscon, no specialized formula.

It’s been exactly 1 month since then…

Paigey has stopped vomiting up all her feeds.

She has doubled in weight.

No more excessive crying. Just normal baby whining.

No more feeding issues.

No more pain.

No more GERD.

No more CMA.

No more ER visits.

No more frequent Pead visits.

No more hospitals.

My daughter has been healed by the healing power of Jesus!

“No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” Romans 8:37

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