Period Apps

I’ve been testing out a few period and pregnancy apps lately. You know how busy life gets, and one morning you wake up with an unprepared surprise. Either you’re like me who thankfully has a stash of tampons lying around at any given time or you are completely unprepared and you have to try and make it to the shops in a timely fashion feeling rather uncomfortable. Either way, it’s probably caught you by surprise and now you have to reschedule that bikini wax appointment.

So, to make life easier a bunch of wise people have created a few awesome period apps. Ive tested out quite a few and I’ve narrowed it down to these apps as being the most user friendly, helpful and easy apps available for download.

1. PinkBird

If you’re looking for a non complicated, simple and smart app, then this ones for you. It’s easy to work with, it tracks your period based on the data and dates you enter. At one glance, you are able to see your full cycle – from day 1 of your period to your fertility window to your ovulation dates. Best of all it’s a FREE app.

2. DOT

DOT is definitely my favourite period tracking app. I love that it’s multifunctional in that you can use it to:

a) track your period,

b) plan a pregnancy or

c) prevent a pregnancy.

It uses the robot system: green for go, red for stop. So, if you’re planning a pregnancy it will display a green screen showing that your chances of getting pregnant are high. If you are using the app to prevent a pregnancy, then it’ll switch it up and display your pregnancy window as red as your warning to take extra precautions.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this app. It’s simple and easy to use, efficient and it tells me exactly what I want when I need it. You can also set up notifications and reminders on the days that you want to be notified of certain things ie: your period days or when your fertility window begins.

DOT is free, however there is a pro version available for R49.99 – which is totally affordable!

3. Flo

Flo is another period tracking app. It’s also a simple app, easy to use app. What I like about this app is that you can link it to your Health app on your iPhone, if you’re an iPhone fan. Flo also helps you track your health status with in depth symptom updates. The app also monitors your daily steps, water intake, weight gain/loss and it keeps track of your sleep cycle. It provides you with daily health insights as well.

So if you’re looking for a period tracker with some helpful health insights, this might be the app for you. Flo is FREE on the App Store.

I have also tried the likes of Clue, Kindara, Eve, Ovia and a bunch more and they didn’t really suit my needs. However, they’re totally worth checking out. There are so many available that I’m sure every lady will find one that suits her needs.

I hope you find one that you like!

Lv lv,



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