Adoption Part 3: You made me a ‘Mum’

I’m sitting here in my daughter’s room feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that flood my eyes as I watch her dance around her room. It’s been 20 months since she’s been home. It’s been 20 months that I’ve been a Mom. It has been the most challenging yet rewarding months of my life.

Sophie came home to us when she was 4 months old. We applied for the adoption 9 months prior. I clearly remember the day we went to pick her up. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous before. We had to go and meet up with the social worker who had organised the ‘meeting’. The entire adoption process is quite clinical and not at all like a 9-month pregnancy. I remember sitting in the waiting room waiting to meet our precious girl and I remember thinking, ‘I’m a Mom! I’m finally a Mommy!’ and then my little girl came into the room in the arms of her birth mother. What a surreal moment! She then handed our little girl over to us and my heart sank. I couldn’t stop crying, I was finally holding my beautiful girl whom I had waited and waited and waited for. My promise had finally come to pass. The promise from my Father in Heaven. The promise of a child, the promise of a gift, the promise of a blessing. Oh, and has she been just that, a blessing to our family.

My sweet Sophie, oh how I love you! Oh, how I celebrate your life! I’m so thankful that God chose me to be your Mum. As I sit here holding your hand, I’m so deeply thankful for every moment we’ve spent together, every laugh, every family outing, every single day that I hold you in my arms. You made me a Mum.  You have blessed our family so much. I take great delight in you, my sweet girl! I love watching you grow and learn and I look forward to watching you become the woman God has created you to be. Man, what a privilege. What a privilege to be Yours. What a privilege to be your Mum!

I celebrate this Adoption day with deep gratitude for my two blessings. Each of them unique in their own way but equally precious and beautiful. I celebrate being a Mom, mommy, mama, mum, mama-bear, even in the craziness of Motherhood, the moans and temper tantrums, the sleepless nights, cramps and colic – I CELEBRATE this life. I celebrate Motherhood in its entirety.

I also choose to celebrate the life of Sophie’s birth mother! I celebrate and admire her courage. The courage it took to give up her only child in the hope for a better future for our Sophie. She gave me the greatest gift, a daughter – MY daughter. I fully believe that God predestined this life, the moment we would share together as she chose me to raise our daughter. It is a moment we will always share. A  moment that binds us together for life. A moment I choose to celebrate daily as I raise our beautiful Sophie!

Here’s to the beautiful gift of Adoption. Oh, how I am so thankful!

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