Dont you, forget about me..

Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by?


Moms are far too often caught up in the rat race of everyday life – school drop off, after-school activities, afternoon pick up, play dates, supper time, bath time, bedtime for kids, bedtime for mom – you know how it all goes. Our days are mapped out for us before they even begin and I am exhausted after a full day of work and running after kids. While being a mom and homemaker is of utmost importance to me and something that I consider as one of my highest callings, there is something so much dearer that I hold close to my heart – or should I say, someone – my Husband.

I’m so guilty of pushing my husband to one side while I take care of the kids. He often says to me, very gently, ‘Robzie, don’t forget about me okay” – he never pushes me but consistently understands the demands that motherhood has on me. However, it is my responsibility to always make him feel loved, treasured as my number one and never forgotten about. Man do I mess up often.

Moms, we need to remember that we are WIVES first before we are Moms. Our husbands are our first priority, he comes first. Don’t allow the responsibility of a family to rob your marriage of its precious joys.

So make an effort with your words, remind him how much he is loved and just how much he means to you. Treat him to something special, whether its a present or a chocolate, a date night out, etc. And remember to ‘love’ him – make an extra effort, slap on some red lipstick and something uhhh ‘tasteful’ and give him your undivided attention.

Another thing I’ve learned is that I need to show my children that my husband is the head of our home. If daddy speaks, we all listen, no interruptions. If daddy needs something, he comes first and the kids can wait (obviously within reason and he understands that too). He needs to be respected by you and you need to demonstrate that to your kids so that they can learn to respect him as well. They can only do this by how they watch you treat him. It is so good for our kids to see mom and dad hug and embrace each other. It creates a sense of security and stability for them.

What do your kids see in your marriage? Do your kids understand the importance of marriage? What are you teaching them about marriage and the love between a man and his wife?

“Granting love and attention to your kids goes a long way toward establishing a stable atmosphere at home. But the best way to foster security in young hearts and minds is to cultivate your relationship with your spouse. When children see, close-up, your ironclad commitment to each other–as well as your unshakable faith in Jesus Christ–they’ll begin to develop a sense of assurance about their own future that is likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives.” – Dr. James Dobson



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