Mom Time-Out

I reckon ‘motherhood’ ranks pretty close to top on the list as one of the most stressful jobs around. I often need to escape the rush and craze of it all. I try and take out as much me-time as my kids allow. It’s imperative to my sanity.

So what do I do?

One of my favorite me-time moments is early morning shopping/window shopping with my grande Chai Tea from Woolworths Cafe. I drop Sophie off at school and then while Paige is still sleeping and at home with our AMAZING helper, I run to the shops and take out some time for myself. It’s honestly the best. There are minimal people at the shops that early in the morning during the week. So the shops are dead quiet and peaceful. There are no busy queues or the mad rush of people running around. It’s calm and pleasant. I run into my woolies desperate for my next dose of Chai Tea and I grab myself the biggest take away cup there is. And then I just walk. Walk the shops, browsing while sipping my much-loved juice. It’s an incredibly relaxing way to reset my head space and just wonder. I tend to walk out all my frustrations and worries. I often just walk and think and pray. I feel like it gives me some clear perspectives on life. It’s helped me tackle the days that lay ahead. It completely re-energizes me to be in ‘my calm space’ for an hour or so – no screaming children, no ‘mommy mommy mommy’ ten thousand times in two seconds, no pressing emails staring at me on my screen. It’s just me and my head space – which is often filled with SO much stuff and so many thoughts that just need clearing out and sorting through as I walk through the aisles and browse pretty things.

My second me-time spoil is makeup. My budget doesn’t allow for much of it but I love me some pretty makeup. I think mostly because it’s mine. I don’t have to share it with my husband or my kids (even though they have destroyed a few great eyeshadow palettes while rampaging through my makeup drawers). I take a few moments every morning and I just sit and do my makeup and have me-time. It’s not more than five or ten minutes before I have a toddler walking through the door saying ‘mommy, what’s that? Makeup?’. It’s not very glam makeup either or accurately applied according to makeup standards and practices these days. It’s just simple basic pretty applications on my face that make me feel like I can conquer the day. My love for lipstick is out of control and there’s nothing better than slapping on some pretty ‘new’ lipstick that can make you feel like a million bucks. So yes, maybe while I’m ‘window shopping’ and clearing my head, I’m also searching the aisles of the drugstores for that perfect nude lipstick. Yes, another one. Again. As if I don’t have a thousand and one already.

I also really love blogging. I don’t do nearly as much of it as I’d like to, possibly for two reasons: 1) time 2) insecurities, I suppose – the fear of all your thoughts out there in black and white for the rest of the world to criticize and judge. I often wonder if my content is even worth reading or if it is even the slightest bit helpful to other moms or first-time moms. It’s quite a task to shut those thoughts up and put my head down and just write. I also struggle with blog content. What do people want to read about? What topic is relevant or helpful and one that hasn’t been over analyzed by other bloggers opinions – people don’t want to read the same thing over and over again. So after all that, I’ve decided just to write – write about my life, what I’ve learned from being a mom of two girls (soon three) and what has helped me overcome tough moments or decisions. All I know is what’s in my heart. And I’ll share as much of it as I can. I’m so grateful that God has chosen me to be a mom – to be Sophie and Paige’s mom. It’s honestly the most exciting journey I’ve been on and I look forward to many more years of learning and growing and really, just the pleasure of loving my children and writing about my adventures with them.

Moms, what do your ‘me-time’ moments look like? Do you find that you need to escape all the craze sometimes?

love love,



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