Makeup for Moms on a (tight) budget

*Please note that this post is not sponsored and I do not receive free makeup from any brands*

I am just a Mom passionate about helping out fellow Mamas, on a budget 🙂

So, if you’re one of my Instagram followers you’ll know that I love makeup. Nothing fancy at all. I just love playing around with all the prettiness that is makeup. My look is incredibly simple and basic. I am definitely no beauty expert. However, I have come across a few items that have become part of my everyday makeup routine: my holy grail beauty products. I have also fallen in love with an incredibly affordable beauty brand that allows gals like me (a mom on a tight budget) to be able to afford the pleasures of makeup and then some.

So to start off, I would like to share some simple basic beauty products that I use every day to do my whole face and all of these items, together, come to less than R500. And I’m pretty sure that even if you use them every day, it’ll last you a couple of months – at worst 2 months or so, but hey that works out to R250 a month on makeup. That sounds like a pretty great bargain to me. I must admit, I tend to spend quite a bit more than that on makeup, but only because I’m completely powerless when it comes to the gorgeousness on those makeup stands. Woe is me!

The brand I’m referring to is Essence Cosmetics. They’re an incredibly affordable brand with products that are often better in quality than high-end makeup brands. I’ve often reached for my Essence Cosmetics items before other higher end items because I know it’ll get the job done properly and I’ll end up looking great. I definitely use these items more on a regular everyday basis than any other brand. I also love that they have a huge range – ranging from nail polishes to eyes, lips, face products, and even makeup tools. They really do have everything you need to create some gorgeous makeup looks from everyday looks to a fancy special occasion look and as mentioned, it won’t break the bank.

So, let’s jump into my list:

1. Primer: I recently picked up this HD Hyrda Primer Spray. The minute I noticed the added coconut water I was sold. It smells amazing! It doesn’t make my face feel sticky at all and is very hydrating. Its also so easy to apply, a few quick sprays and that’s your primer done – wait a few minutes for it to dry down and then go ahead with the rest of your makeup routine. Easy, smells great and does the job well – my kind of product.

2. Foundation: Camouflage 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer – I’ve recently bought this foundation and its hands down one of the best I’ve used. I have a few foundations in my makeup stash at the moment but for some reason, I keep grabbing this one. It works so well and I know that I won’t be disappointed with the end result. It covers redness and blemishes and makes my skin look flawless. It is the perfect full coverage but not too much makeup look foundation (if that even makes sense) I hate it when you can SEE that I’m wearing foundation and this foundation is subtle yet effective. I also like the packaging – you just squeeze the tube and you decide and control how much you want to use. Just enough comes out and you don’t end up with wastage. Great coverage, nondrying, easily blendable.

3. Concealer: Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer – perfect for those dark circles and unwanted blemishes. Just add as much or as little as you want on those areas that you need an extra bit of coverage – and you’re good to go. This works in perfect combination with the Camouflage Foundation.

4. Blush: Matt Touch Blush – I’m so enjoying this right now. I really like rosy cheeks and it’s quite disappointing when half way through the day my face looks bare and flat. I have noticed that this blush lasts all day. I can even have a little nap and I still look good enough to go out to shops or whenever without having to touch up any of my makeup other than my lipstick.

5. Mascara: Volume Mascara – I’ve realized that I’m actually quite fussy when it comes to mascara. I HATE wet mascara, I definitely prefer more of a drier formula. So a mascara that runs or transfers is a definite ‘no-no’ for me. I also like my lashes to look full and voluminous. Another issue I have is when I can feel that I’m wearing mascara. I hate it when my lashes are heavy and I find myself blinking a hundred times a day because my mascara is just irritating my eyes. Disclaimer: I must admit, there is only ONE brand in the whole of the drugstore offerings that I’m a fan of – but that’s simply because my mascara criteria is quite high. (I’ll mention that one in another post) I thought I would give the new Essence mascara a try – and it’s definitely workable. It doesn’t run or transfer and it doesn’t make my eyelashes feel like they’re participating in a weightlifting competition. It gives them length and it’s a lightweight formula which is great. So thumbs up in my books.

6. Eyebrow gel: Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel – this eyebrow gel makes my eyebrows look so defined, gives them structure and really frames my face so well. It’s not too dark and the applicator brush brushes my eyebrows out so well while applying the gel. It’s easy to apply and its really a no fuss product – 1 2 3 and you’re good to go.

7. Lips: Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss – I reach for these beauties all the time. I have five of the colors in the range. They’re a matte liquid lipstick that lasts. They’re not too drying and the color options are great. My favorite is the nude lipgloss in ‘beauty approved’ – I have this one as a staple in my nappy bag for a touch up wherever I go. I’m never without it and it gives my lips the perfect nude hue. If you’re looking for something a bit more glossy then I would recommend the new Colour Boost Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick. I have just picked up these two from Dischem and I’m loving it so far. It’s not too much of a wet formula. I suppose you can call it semi-matte or it just dries down well. It’s not one of those lipsticks that when the wind blows your hair gets stuck to your lips. Errgh, you know those moments! And then you just end up with sticky knotty hair. Well no, this doesn’t do that – so win-win! (I have a lip swatch on my Instagram of the Colour Boost ‘nude is the new cute’ – go check it out)

All of these items plus TWO lip options comes to under R500 – oh yay!!

And that’s a wrap!

Moms, if you have special skin needs, please research these products before you purchase them to make 100% sure that they are suited for your skin type. These are the items that I would happily recommend for an easy, everyday, no fuss makeup look.

Much love,


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