Our Mini Road Trip

“Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure”

On Tuesday afternoon, I suddenly had the genius idea of climbing into the car with a packed dinner and taking a mini road trip up the West Coast.

Yes, it took us about an hour. And yes it was a ‘school night’ but it was so much fun! Actually, it was just what we needed after a few hectic weeks. The last few months have been so trying on us, emotionally, health-wise and financially and so doing something out of the norm was just what we needed to clear our heads and reconnect as a family.

And we did just that!

I made boerewors rolls and packed in some chips and speckled eggs and drinks and off we went.

The sun lit up the ocean and was showing off its gorgeous glow.

These two loved the road trip. We were playing and singing and living it up in the moment.




It really wasn’t anything fancy, just the joy of being together and celebrating our togetherness.

Chris and Sophie had a quick walk on the beach and dipped their feet in the water. Sophie cried because it was so cold. The wind was howling and it was freezing. But hey, that’s what adventure is! We all had our winter jackets on so we were good to go exploring. For 5 minutes, ha!

We so often get caught up in the crazy hustle of life and we forget to ‘stop and smell the roses’ as so to speak. Chris and I have been so snowed under with work and just the busyness that invades the beginning of the year. I blinked and it was April and I realized that we hadn’t had many family adventures this year. So on the spot, I decided to create some memories.

When Chris and I first had Sophie we decided that we’d do a spontaneous day outing or getaway at least once a month. We had a whole list of family outings planned and prioritized and then life happened. I’m doing my utmost to not let the craziness of it all invade our family life. So spontaneous mini adventures it is. We love being together and celebrating our family unit.

Moms, what are some adventurous things you and your family do together?

What do you do to escape the busyness of life?

What fun things do your children enjoy the most?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun adventures and family togetherness!



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