The 4 ingredient ‘Banana Smoothie’ Recipe

I’ve been making this smoothie everyday for the last few weeks. It’s healthy and great for my growing baby. And the best is that I often have all these ingredients in my fridge. So no last minute running out to the shops, just to make a smoothie. It’s also great for the whole family. My kiddies love it. It’s tasty and delicious and toddler approved!

Here we go:

1 x banana

1 x heaped spoon of nut butter (I use almond nut butter, but you could totally use peanut butter and it would be just as delicious)

3 x heaped tablespoons of double thick coconut youghurt (If you don’t have coconut youghurt, just use plain youghurt)

Add a little milk

And Ta-da, you’re done!

Extras: You can also add some Muesli to make it extra crunchy and sometimes I add some coconut milk/cream – yum! If you want to add some nuts, go ahead.

It’s such an easy recipe that you can totally play around with it.

Happy smoothie making, enjoy!


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