Mothers Day Wishlist for NEW Moms

Moms fresh into mommyhood would probably hold a slightly different approach to Mothers Day than the rest. SO I thought I would put a list together for those Moms still grappling with the idea of motherhood and sleep deprivation and the gorgeous fresh smell of a newborn baby that melts your heart.

Congratulations to you!

  1. SLEEP – if Dad can take the baby for a couple of hours so that Mom can catch up on missed sleep, I’m pretty sure that would go down well as a first Mothers Day gift.
  2. Breakfast in Bed – for moms that have been up all night feeding – I’m sure she could do with some cuddle time in bed and some delicious bacon and eggs for breakfast.
  3. Sorbet Gift Voucher – a proper pamper session for Mom when she has a free moment. Sorbet has made it easy enough that you can even book a voucher online: Sorbet Online Voucher 
  4. Jeankelly Rugsack Nappy Bag: R2400 – I have had my eye on this bag for a while. Its the perfect sized bag that you can just pop on your back, leaving your arms free to take care of your precious baby. It comes standard with compartments and zipped pockets for bottles, nappies, baby essentials and a few personal items. This would be a great spoil for Mom.
  5. Slippers from Mr Price: R40.00 – R119.99 – slippers are a great prezzie idea – comfy feet equal a comfy Mom, especially because she’ll be up and down on her feet all day (and night) tendering to her new bundle of joy!


Happy Mothers Day to you! 🙂


love Robzie



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