‘Enjoy The Mess of Motherhood’

In light of Mothers Day, I thought I’d share a few things on what it looks like to be a Mom. The responsibility is huge and we shape and mould little minds and hearts.

I love all the attention we’re getting for Mothers Day. The shops are filled with the most gorgeous gifts and spoils and every Mom deserves to be lavished for all her efforts. But being a Mom is more than getting to celebrate Mothers Day.

I found this quote and I love it. Massive truth bomb.

The privilege of my calling should be celebrated everyday not just on Mothers Day. Intentionally.

So, enjoy the messes of Motherhood. The tantrums, the sleepless nights, the counting to THREE. You are teaching your children in those messy moments. You are teaching them valuable lifelong lessons about character while forging truths into their hearts. I am their Godly example and how I choose to demonstrate this is of utmost importance.

I once read this and it struck a cord:

If your home is like mine, it usually feels more like a child’s playground rather than a sanctuary. Rather than a place of refuge and relaxation, it is often a place of disorder and distress. It can get a bit overwhelming. Moms, I want to encourage you. You can experience joy and excitement in the middle of such disarray.

A few things to try: The next time you see a mud pie on your doorstep, don’t think “Oh no, my son’s hands are going to be so dirty.” Go outside, grab a handful of mud, and ask your little one to show you how to make a pie just like theirs. If there is magic marker on your walls, don’t think about how long it is going to take to clean it, be glad you purchased washable markers. Who knows, your child may be an artist someday and you can say, “I knew you when-” If you try, You can change the way you view your child’s messes. Don’t always put an immediate stop to their fun. Join them. Get dirt on your face or paint on your arms. Allow yourself to be creative. The memories you make will last a lot longer than the time it takes you to clean up afterward.

I’m still learning how to enjoy the messes, most times I flip out when there’s cornflakes all over the house. This Mothers weekend I will choose to reflect on my parenting skills and strive to be better for my girls. In that I’m honoring my calling, and celebrating the privilege of Motherhood (probably while enjoying some Mothers Day treats).

Enjoy your weekend Moms, remember you are shaping lives and hearts.

*Lessons from YouVersion*

Love Robzie


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