How to Better Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy?

I often sit back and think to myself – ‘THREE kids’, what the stuff was I thinking?


I have two little blessings and one on the way! This is my second pregnancy. Neither pregnancy alike.

I would describe my first pregnancy as surreal. I was six months pregnant before I really popped out a belly. I struggled with fatigue and nausea during my first trimester but the nausea was manageable. I practically sailed through it until I got to my six and a half/ seven-month mark when things became real. The tugs at my muscles and ligaments, the uncomfortableness, trying to find a sleeping position that works, the skin tightening and itching. You know, the norms, this is how it goes!

I had read a few blog posts and books about how different a second pregnancy could be – but wow, I didn’t expect this. My two pregnancies are like chalk and cheese. I had all the symptoms of my first pregnancy and more. A few other symptoms have crept in, such as insomnia, heartburn, exhaustion, Braxton Hicks contractions from the six-month mark (why SO early), pain, urinary tract infections or uncomfortableness every other day (I suffered severely during my first trimester). I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which cleared up during my first pregnancy but worsened during my second pregnancy to the point of me needing medication to stabilize my inflammation levels. I feel like I’m the size of an elephant and I’m only six and a half months. I’m probably the same size now as I was when I was eight months pregnant in my first pregnancy. Shocker!

Pregnancy in itself is quite a scary thing. A woman’s body goes through massive changes –  from physical changes to emotional changes. All of these are a result of a flooded hormonal system due to her growing baby. None of these changes are under her control and she just has to ‘go with the flow’ as so to speak.

So how do we better prepare ourselves for pregnancy?

Um, I’m still trying to figure that out but here are a few tips:

  1. Eliminate the notion that it’s going to be smooth sailing. I know that sounds quite harsh and quite depro but the more prepared you are for the changes your body is about to endure, the better it will be. Nothing stings worse than being caught off guard and finding yourself unprepared.
  2. Educate yourself! Information is key! Learn to understand why your body is going through what it’s going through and don’t be alarmed when the sudden changes in your body start to take place.
  3. Explore the likes of pregnancy books but only choose one or two books and stick with them. If you read too many books, with too many floating opinions, it might confuse you even more. So ask someone you trust for a referral and let that be your go-to book. I highly recommend the book, Pregnancy Sense by Meg Faure, Jacky Searle, and Heather Wood. It covers the whole spectrum from pregnancy to birth. Jacky was my gynae for my first pregnancy and she is brilliant: Pregnancy Sense
  4. Ease up! You don’t have to figure it all out immediately, take it one day at a time. You have nine months to go, there is no rush. Go easy on yourself mama.
  5. Enjoy it! Enjoy your pregnancy, for some women it’s a once in a lifetime experience and it really is a beautiful miracle to grow a life inside of you.
  6. Embrace it! The miracle of growing a baby inside of you is a privilege that only some women get to experience, so just relax and appreciate the gift you’ve been given. You’re growing a miracle, I don’t think its meant to be easy as pie. A little pain for the beautiful life that’s being created in you, is totally worth it – an easy trade.

The beautiful thing about pregnancy is that it prepares you for the road ahead: Parenthood. Similarly, parenting is tough and challenging, it weighs heavy on a Mom physically and emotionally but its one of the most rewarding and remarkable privileges in life. So learn to eliminate the need for perfection, educate yourself where necessary, explore the different fields of parenting, ease up on yourself and your kids, enjoy every moment and embrace the different seasons you will go through as a mama – pregnancy is just part one of this exciting adventure.

love love,

The Kaleidoscope Mom




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