The Victorian Garden Skincare Range

I started off the year desperate to find a skincare range that worked for my skin. I was looking for something that would nourish and nurture my skin and leave it looking healthy, fresh and radiant. So I did a bit of research on skin care ranges available on the market. This is what I was looking for:

  1. Natural and organic (no damaging chemicals)
  2. A South African product range – I wanted to support our local market
  3. Affordable
  4. A full product range (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and serum/facial oil/night cream)

So I headed out to the shops on my mission to find a skincare range that would work for my skin. I stumbled into Wellness Warehouse and had a glance at their range of local products. I was pleasantly surprised with what they had on offer and at the same time, I was educated on what products we currently have on the local front. A lot more than I expected or even knew about.

After having a chat with one of the store consultants, I decided on The Victorian Garden Skincare Range because:

  1. They don’t test on animals
  2. A completely natural product
  3. And organic product
  4. Affordability

The factor that swayed me was the affordability of the product. I managed to pick up four products; a cleanser, a day cream moisturizer, a toner and a nighttime serum for just over R700.

This is what I bought:

Revitalising Flower Therapy Facial Serum – R361/50ml

‘Our signature facial treatment product, this ultra-rich night oil serum has powerful restorative properties for the skin on face and neck. Replenishes nutrients and lost moisture to dry, sun damaged, dull and neglected skin. Perfect for helping to maintain smooth, radiant complexion. Hormonal balancing oils and oils with the ability to absorb free radicals, soften wrinkles and speed up cell regeneration result in a smoother, more radiant complexion literally overnight. The formula contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids and carotenoids which help improve elasticity and skin tone and it is highly recommended for ultra-dry, damaged, neglected or badly wrinkled skin.’

Kalahari Melon and Rosemary Foaming Gel Face Cleanser – R108/100ml

‘Thoroughly cleanse away all traces of dirt, dead skin cells and airborne pollution with this ultra-fresh foaming gel cleanser. Rosemary is a natural antibiotic and cleanses, disinfects and fights free radicals. Soap-free and pH balanced, this cleanser won’t dry out the skin leaving the face feeling smooth and refreshed. ‘

Chamomile and Orange Blossom Toning Freshener – R96/100ml

‘Revitalize and hydrate the skin with this nutrient-rich floral spritzer. Alcohol-free, our toners are all designed to awaken, revitalize and cool the skin. Sprayed onto the skin’s surface and allowed to dry, they act as a pre-moisturizer and balance the skin’s pH. Gentle Chamomile extract high in vitamins and nutrients provides a fresh nutritional tonic while Orange Blossom provides an exquisite fragrance and regenerates and tones skin cells.’

Neroli and Lemon Day Cream – R133/50ml

‘A light but nourishing day moisturizer with active botanicals renowned for helping to balance and tone the skin. The exceptional synergy of ingredients rehydrates, protects and stimulates the skin to improve elasticity and radiance and balance the skin’s own sebum production. ‘

I’ve been using this skincare range for just over two months now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skins complexion. My skin has changed from looking flat and dull to healthier and more radiant. My favourite product out of the range is the Neroli and Lemon day cream. This product just soaks into my skin and moisturizes it without leaving any oily residue. I’m pretty impressed with the cleanser as well, which completely removes all my makeup and all the days’ grit off my skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I have even tested this by taking some micellar water to my skin after I have used the cleanser and the cotton pad wipes down clear – no makeup residue. I only use the facial serum once a week and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and restored.

After I have used this skincare range, my skin feels well-fed – just like my body feels after I’ve just eaten a healthy bowl of chicken soup – chicken soup for my skin?? Haha! This is definitely a range that I would repurchase. It’s also very affordable, especially seeing that I only have to replace my cleanser every second month. The rest of the products will last me three months or more. The facial serum, because I only use it once a week will probably last me about six months.

If you can, I would highly recommend getting your hands on some of these products. It’s worth a try! Go and check out the website for more information about this skincare range. They even have an online store: The Victorian Garden Skincare Range

Happy weekend beauties!

love love,


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