Why ‘The Kaleidoscope Mom?’ – the heart behind my blog!

A few months ago I decided to rename my blog. My blog has become somewhat of a telescope showcasing the deepest parts of my mind and thoughts. And I love sharing what I’ve learned from Mommyhood with everyone who’s willing to read.

I’m a Mom to two toddlers – a two and a half-year-old and a fifteen-month-old – and I have another baby on the way. I’m no expert at this thing called Motherhood, but I love it where Mamas partner together, sharing their experiences, learning from one another. Motherhood doesn’t come with an encyclopedia outlining the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of life – so we have Moms who blog instead. And a network of blogging Mamas far outweighs any Britannica you can find on your shelf.

So WHY the Kaleidoscope Mom?

In short, a Kaleidoscope is an instrument with:

A reflection of surfaces with ever-changing colours and forms that come in various sizes.

The origin of kaleidoscope is: Greek kal(ós) beautiful + eîdo(s) shape + -scope.

I like to call it: ‘The Observation of Beautiful Shapes’.

Similarly to the nature of Motherhood with its ever-changing forms and colours, the Kaleidoscope resembles the ever-changing seasons of parenting. The seasons change as quickly as they come – from one extreme growth spurt to the next challenging milestone. Not just for the babies that come but for the moms that grow from businesswoman to stay-at-home mom in the space of a few short months, and from our babies first steps to their first report card.

I love this description of a Kaleidoscope: perfectly asymmetrical and imbalanced, perfectly untidy and irregular. It sums up Motherhood in one perfect sentence: slightly disproportionate but oh so beautiful. The continually changing pattern of shapes and colors resembles the day to day busyness of life as a Mom. It’s unpredictable, every day brings a new challenge, every day brings an unexpected twist and turn, every day brings an insurmountable type of joy. Everyday continually shifting patterns, scenes, or the like: learning to navigate our way through all the ups and downs.

Most of all, I love the beautiful patterns that boast from within the Kaleidoscope. Each uniquely different. Each a different colour and shape. Each shining from within their own corner of the instrument. I love that each mom and each child is equally beautiful. Each mom has her own unique spectrum of colours, and the characteristics that she chooses to use to raise her kids and every child has their own set of shapes and sizes, personalities, and characteristics – the embodiment of a collection of qualities that make us all a unique pair of Mom and Baby, all of us finding our footprints in this vast world of opinion and conclusions.

So I sit here, in my little corner of the world, raising my two, nearly three, girls as best as I can with all the colours inside my box. Fighting the norm of speculation and presumption. Following my own leading and learnings, neither prescribed by a textbook or encyclopedia rather the gentle leading of my Spirit deep inside my heart showing me how to be the best Mom I can possibly be to my three blessings.

Full of colours and shapes and sizes – moments of beauty and chaos, summers and winters, laughter and giggles, heart-melting moments and temper flaring spells – that is Motherhood.

This is the heartbeat of The Kaleidoscope Mom!

A Kaleidoscope of life and love and all things beautiful!


Love, love, love



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