Being BRAVE!

A few weeks, I did something brave!

That’s not really something I often say.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that the word brave isn’t something you’d use to describe me.

I avoid confrontation and uncomfortable situations like the plague. I prefer my comfort bubble and often prefer to stay inside it or very close by it. My world involves many different responsibilities as a wife, mom, leader, and friend but don’t ask me to step out of what I know – my comfort zone is far too familiar and well, comfortable. It’s a tough process when I have to tiptoe out of it, so I don’t do it very often.

However, recently I’ve been all sorts of brave. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones. I’m not quite sure what to boil it down too. I’ve had the sudden urge to further myself and go deeper, discovering new things about me and doing it solely for me.

Anyway, I got in contact with a lovely lady from a startup maternity wear company called Foxy Mama. Liezel was looking for a pregnant mommy to model some of her new maternity wear items. So bravely, I stuck up my hand and said – I’m in!

I went with the motions, rocked up and I had a ball! It was so much fun. I was spoiled with a hair and makeup session by a lovely lady called Renske. She runs her own business called Blush Moments by RenskeBlush Moments by Renske. She made me feel incredibly comfortable and treated me like a queen while she painted my face with gorgeous makeup and did my hair. It was such a spoil.

Next, we headed to the studio where all the lights were on me. I was particularly nervous about this part. In no way am I a model but Liezel was kind enough to take a chance on me. Her team was welcoming and so considerate, she was always concerned about my well being as a third-trimester pregnant mom – I had so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the studio:

Now to tell you all about these gorgeous and comfortable maternity wear clothes.

I hadn’t heard of Foxy Mama until I saw an advert on Instagram. Foxy Mama is a range of stylish yet comfortable maternity wear. I had to pose in about twenty different outfits so you can take my word for it – they are super comfy yet I didn’t feel frumpy or fat or anything of the sort. I looked hot! The range is made up of items for everyone. If you prefer comfy pants and T-shirts – then they’ve got something for you. And if you’re a stylish girl who prefers to dress it up, you’re in luck too. Foxy Mama has a range of lovely dresses, pants, T-Shirts, and hoodies. And a real bonus: some of them are breastfeeding friendly too. So you really can live out your 9 months in style.

Go and have a look and them online and show them some love: Foxy Mama – you won’t be disappointed!

So today, I challenge YOU – what are you scared of? Whats stopping you from going out there are doing that one thing? Don’t be your own worst enemy by denying your self the opportunities in life to rediscover a part of yourself. It’s never too late. You dear friend, are capable, BRAVE and significant!




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