My Grocery Cupboard is a Ministry to my Family!

I had a revelation today!

My husband and I have been reviewing our finances recently- ya tough week – in preparation for our next bundle of joy. She arrives in two weeks and with that comes a bucket load of further expenses. We’re trying to cut down on things more than Cape Town is cutting down on water usage. Our nappy, and formula expenses increase, including school fees for our currently youngest daughter, etc.

One of the things we re-examined were our grocery spend. We spend quite a bit on this, having to feed four mouths every day. That excludes our gardener and family helper. It all adds up.

As I was unpacking the groceries today after another big shop, it dawned on me that my food spend could actually serve as a ministry to my family, especially my husband. A man loves good food and the saying often goes – a way to a mans heart is through his stomach – and I realized that when I have good food in the house, even treats, my husband is satisfied. He loves it. He doesn’t have to go looking anywhere else. I’m not the type of wife that forces lettuce and cucumber down my husbands throat. I’m completely okay with him indulging in doughnuts and chocolate whenever he wants – I actually buy it for him. He needs to be fed and happy and satisfied. And while other wives may choose other avenues to keep your man happy at home – a good plate of food always goes down well.

Adding to that, my kids love it when they come home from school and there’s moms freshly baked cupcakes with smarties toppings waiting for them as an after dinner treat. It encourages them to want to be home and not playing at school or a friends house. It also hugely encourages family bonding as we sit around on the lounge floor watching movies or just being and devouring cupcakes at the same time.

Today, when I picked Sophie up from school – a little girl slightly older than Sophie, probably in one of the older classes at her school came running up to me and asked me if she could have a play date with Sophie this weekend. She hadn’t even left school for the day yet and she was already looking for a way out of home. I didn’t even know her, or her parents and I doubt she was even a friend of Sophie’s. Especially considering that she was at least three years older than her. My heart sank. I was left stumped and I didn’t know what to say. ‘We can chat to your mommy’ I said. Chris and I had both picked up the girls that day. We were sitting and playing with them on the school field and lots of love and hugs and kisses and laughter was being shared all around the four of us. Something must have triggered inside her little heart and she just wanted to be with our family unit.

I’m not saying that yummy food or doughnuts do the trick or create a bond that my husband and I have with my girls – but what I am saying is that my intention is to be intentional in everything I do when it comes to my family and creating special bonding moments. And yes, sometimes that does include Nutella and strawberry pancakes. My intention is to be an international wife in every area of my marriage, keeping my husband satisfied and happy and serving him as best as I can. My intention is to be the best mom I can be to my three girls, serving them in love and compassion and care.

Having said all of that, we still need to cut back on a few expenses so we’ll still have to relook at everything else but for now, my well fed husband and family are smiling all the way to bed and that makes me happy!

Be intentional about the things that matter. Go out of your way to create a happy home with happy hearts. This is your ministry to your husband and your kids. Time passes by so quickly and before you know it they’ll be leaving home. But for the next 18 years, I’ll step up to what God has called me to be – a Wife and a Mom – and I’ll do it with all my heart, as best as I can, to my fullest capabilities. Because this is my world, my family, these are my God given Miracle blessings!



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