Is the #Hashtag Worth the Hype?

I like to call myself a blogger. A mom blogger. I love to write. I love to write about motherhood and my experiences as a mom. I have three kids, all under the age of three. These precious souls light up my life every day. I’ve been pleasantly preoccupied with a newborn for the past twelve weeks and I’ve given very little attention to my blog. Worst of all, I’ve felt guilty about it. Stupidly, the fear of losing ‘followers’ or interest in my blog had my head ticking over.

I’ve recently been challenged with this thought: is social media worth the hype? Am I gambling away precious moments with my family for a few seconds of fame? 

Is that the sacrifice I need to make for popularity?

Can I be a full-time mom and a social media influencer at the same time?

Is the sacrifice of time worth the popularity?

Is the #hashtag worth the hype?

I think not.

The other night I caught myself staring down at my phone while my three-year-old was begging me to watch her while she tried her luck at cartwheels. She’s becoming a pro. I questioned myself: Am I engaging with my ‘followers’ more than with my kids? I’m not guilty of this just yet but the reality is that the ego-driven idea of social media popularity is like a high wattage powered vacuum cleaner – it sucks up everything in its way: my time, my thoughts and my attention. It’s a dangerously thin line to balance on. I’ve realized that I’m just not cut out for the war of social media popularity contests. 

I have the most important job in the world. I’m raising three beautiful girls. My time, thoughts and attention are theirs as I power through this stage of raising three kids under three. And so begs the question: why do I blog then? I blog because I love to write. I write because I love to write. I enjoy interacting with others and I hope to encourage other moms that life can be beautiful as you fulfill your calling as a mom.

As I pursue my dream to write, I refuse to puncture my credibility as a mom. And so I write when I can and steal a few moments for myself when I have time. Because the hashtag is not worth the hype – but my kids are!

Moms, I encourage you to get elbow deep in picnic style dinners on the floor, laugh until your tummy hurts karaoke nights and heartwarming bedtime stories – these things ARE worth the hype!

‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’

Matthew 6: 19-20


One comment

  1. If it’s taking time away, it’s not worth it! The good thing about the mommy blog is that it is focused on what you’re already doing. So if they want to do a cartwheel, that’s a great time to take a pic. Have them do it again and again. Make a boomerang with it and show them how silly it looks. Then stick that on your IG story and check social media off your list for the day 🙂


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