Hi! I’m Robynne 🙂

Wife, Mom of three girls – Sophie, Paige and Josie. And lover of Christ!

I’ve recently decided to change my blog name to ‘The Kaleidoscope Mom’ – Kaleidoscope means: ‘observer of constantly changing beautiful forms’ as is true to the nature of Motherhood.

Motherhood is a ‘Kaleidoscope’ of complexities, ever-changing seasons and unexpected turns yet each intricacy beautiful in its own form ~ The Kaleidoscope Mom

I’m passionate about Motherhood and I love it when a community of mothers link arms and show their support to one another. I’m passionate about adoption, this is how I became a Mom for the first time. I’m passionate about the relationship of marriage and value it highly. My husband is my best friend and I’m so grateful for his love and devotion to me and our beautiful kids. I’m passionate about Jesus and I’m overwhelmed daily by His love for me and His undeserved saving grace.

We love

I hope you enjoy my blog as I share my journey of life with you!

with much love,



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